08-K202 Ford 200/250 Weber Carb Kit
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WEBER 38/38 DGAS Carb Kit for your Ford 200.

Add 20% power and torque just bolting it on.

Measure your Studs that bolts your stock log. If they are 2 3/4" this is your carb kit.

Remove everything from your Intake Log and measure the two carb studs CENTER TO CENTER.

Kit includes:

Weber 38 DGAS two brl Carb

Redline Jet Pak 

Air Cleaner with Chrome Housing.

Fuel Regulator set at 3 lbs from the factory

Clifford high flow, Coned Adaptor

Gaskets, nuts & Bolts.

Your Carb will be set up & ready to bolt on, out of the box.


  • Item #: 08-K202

08-K202 Ford 200/250 Weber Carb Kit

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