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Order your 6=8 Combination for your Pontiac OHC 230/250.

Upgrade your powerful six with some of the best equiment in the World.

Here is your parts lis:

56-0014 Dual Outlet Header, 6=8 of course.

46-4500WH 6=8 High Veslosity Intake Manilfold with our pattened water jacket to atomize air & fuel.

08-7038-K inlcudes Redline's

air cleaner,

Fuel regulator,

Linkage kit

 08-1013 adaptor.

Redline Jet Pak

We set up your carb and make sure it is ready to bolt on when you get it.

*NO RETURNS ON CARBS, NEW OR USED. If you have a problem and I can't fix it, i will have you send it to Redline to be repaired or you get a new one..

"Shipping will be added to your order"

  • Item #: 6=8POHC


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