6=8 Combination Chevy 153
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Bolt on 70% Power & Torque to your Chevy 153 4cyl engine.

52-1408 Headers

42-4506WH Ram Flow Intake Manifold

08-7038-K Weber 38 Carb Kit:

Weber 38 DGAS Electrci Choke 2 Brl Carb

Air Cleaner & Housing

08-1013 Weber Adaptor

Fuel Regulator

Redline Jet Pak 

Redline Linkage kit installed.

Your Weber carb will set up and ready to run, out of the box.

 Hard Linkage will not fit with after market upgrades. You will need a standard 4 ft cable coming off your firewall to install to our Weber carb Linkage.

 RUN 2.25 pipes w/Magnaflow (3) Chamber Muffler and 18" minimum after to the turn down.

*NO RETURNS ON CARBS, NEW OR USED. If you have a problem and I can't fix it, i will have you send it to Redline to be repaired or you get a new one..



  • Item #: 6=8C153

6=8 Combination Chevy 153

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